‘inner connectivity’ woke me in the middle of the night, ten years ago.

A guiding inner magnetism kept drawing me deeper — inspiring query after query.

  Why am I the way I am?
                                What made me this way? 
           Do I want to be different? 
                               How do I want to be? 

All four of these questions circle one, pointing to it at the center: Who Am I.

There comes a point in our lives when we reach our limit of looking ‘out there’ for answers.

Maybe we haven’t found happiness, despite years of searching.

Abundance may be proving elusive, regardless of the number of commas that appear on our bank statement.

Perhaps love feels fickle, fleeting, flimsy… a foolish farce.

Or our health keeps diminishing no matter what we do.

Every day our world appears more confusing. Too much information — some false, some true, impossible to tell which is which. Too many charlatans who mistake knowing ‘about’ something for embodiment.

Where is the Wisdom?

Where can I find true Love?

Does Clarity exist?

What if I told you: You’re It.

The Wisdom you seek, the Abundance you long for, the Love you dream of, the Joy, Happiness, Vitality, Clarity, Creativity, Purpose, and Satisfaction you crave…

It’s not all ‘part of you’. It’s not ‘your natural state’.

It is you. It is literally the very ‘stuff’ of which you are made.

You are nothing else but It.

Do you have a hard time believing this?

Be honest. No one else is watching. Sit with this question a moment. Do you believe that you are all you seek?

Listen for an answer. Listen for Your answer.

Would you like to believe it with greater clarity and strength?

Would you like to turn it into a Knowing? An embodiment?

Then inner connectivity may be for you.

My intention with this work is to share my own inner Knowing with you simply by writing from that Knowing. (I call this ‘The Pond’.)

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💠 Tony

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Our world heals as we heal ourselves. Self-reflection prompts, tips, and insights... shared from The Pond.


Our world heals as we heal ourselves. Self-Reflection prompts, tips, and insights... shared from The Pond.
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